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Over 500,000 consumers visit TrustedChoice.com each month to connect with an independent agent. As an Advantage company partner you can strengthen your brand, reach more agents and consumers, and drive more opportunities.


There are over 20k Trusted Choice agencies

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Of the referrals we get from TrustedChoice.com, we easily write about half the accounts. With premiums ranging from $2,000 to $20,000, our investment in the program easily pays for itself. I would absolutely recommend every Trusted Choice agent take advantage of the program, if they want to grow—it’s been a diamond in our crown.” The Dark Insurance Agency reports writing business with the following insurance companies: Cincinnati, Auto Owners, Frankenmuth, The Hartford, Travelers, Penn National, EMC and Columbia.

John Dark

Dark Insurance Agency, Alabama

We’re really happy with the referrals we get through TrustedChoice.com. We get quite a few opportunities to write new business and have won accounts ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 in premium, so our return on investment is well over the cost of the service. For us, it’s been a great relationship and the brand ‘Trusted Choice’ really sells itself, so I definitely recommend TrustedChoice.com to other agents.” AMS partners with Acuity, Travelers, Safeco, The Hartford, Liberty Mutual and AM Trust insurance companies.

Makeli Scholer

AMS Insurance, Nevada

TrustedChoice.com, for the cost, for me it’s a no brainer, you’re paying a very small amount of money per month and you’re not paying per lead or per click or anything like that, so they just flow into your email box, as the principal I can take them on or pass them along to producers, depending on how I feel about it and we’ve been very successful. I’m definitely seeing a 100% ROI on this because one of the accounts we got from TrustedChoice.com was over $100,000 in premium.” Brittain reports placing business with SafeCo, Travelers, ASI, Mercury, First American, Liberty Mutual, Employers, Amtrust, Guard.

John Brittain

Brittain Insurance, California

And company leaders love it too

We track every dollar we spend in the TrustedChoice.com relationship and how we monitize that in terms of policies issued by Liberty Mutual for commercial lines and Safeco for personal lines. We are seeing great success.

Gary Fischer

Liberty Mutual Safeco

You’ve got to be found first. Once you’re found then you can tell your story. And if you tell a really great story then you are going to be the choice. You are going to be the trusted choice people make.

Bill Purmort

Central Insurance

I have many agents that are telling me that it is working so well that they don’t want any more members! The challenge to get the message out that this is a rising tide that needs a lot more boats.

Jeff Kusch

The Main Street America Group

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